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Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow
Applied Mathematics: Body & Soul Vol 4 (Navier Stokes & Euler equations, with galerkin style discretization) by Johan Hoffman and Claes Johnson
coink  fluid  mechanics  navier  stokes  galerkin  adaptive 
2 days ago by paunit
Simplified Fluid Typography | CSS-Tricks
Fluid typography is the idea that font-size (and perhaps other attributes of type, like line-height) change depending on the screen size (or perhaps container queries if we had them). The core trickery comes from viewport units. You can literally set type in viewport units (e.g. font-size: 4vw), but the fluctuations in size are so extreme that's usually undesirable. Let's look at a technique for tamping the extremes, but it basically a one-liner now that CSS is evolving!</blockquote...
fluid  typography  css 
10 days ago by seb_collet
Simplified Fluid Typography
But as long as we're pushing the limits, there is another function to simplify things even more: clamp()! Clamp takes three values, a min, max, and a flexible unit (or calculation or whatever) in the middle that it will use in case the value is between the min and max. So, our one-liner gets even smaller:
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  typography  fluid  min  max  clamp 
11 days ago by spaceninja
WebGL Fluid Simulation
A WebGL fluid simulation that works in mobile browsers.
webgl  fluid  simulation  interactive  graphics 
14 days ago by aggregat4
WebGL Fluid Simulation
A WebGL fluid simulation that works in mobile browsers.
demo  graphics  webgl  simulation  fluid  via:popular  cool  design  dynamics  fun 
14 days ago by accacin
Hot Air Roasting - Coffee Roasting Process - Learn
Another advantage stems from the greater efficiency in heat transference that is possible with hot air roasters. The beginning stages of coffee roasting are focused on driving moisture from the bean; this moisture content can be as much as 12% by weight. The bean can not actually be roasted until the moisture is removed, so this step is critical. When the coffee bean still contains this moisture, prolonged exposure to high heat results in “cooking” rather than “roasting” of the bean. The longer it cooks, the greater the formation of acids such as acetic and quinic. Since the fluid bed roaster can reach higher temperatures in half the time of typical cylindrical roasters, the time for these acidic compounds to form is greatly reduced. Many have found that these acidic compounds can cause stomach irritation, and we have many customers that had given up on coffee but can now drink ours comfortably.
roasting  coffee  fluid  bed  drying 
28 days ago by mbeaver33

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