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Flutter will change everything, and Apple won’t do anything about it
On December 4th, Google launched Flutter 1.0, showing how we will build beautiful user experiences in the future. I was lucky enough to attend Flutter Live in person. If you missed the event, you can…
flutter  ios  application  development  advocacy 
5 hours ago by gilberto5757
Flutter — The sky’s the limit – TAB Edit
It is highly portable which means it can run on virtually anything which has an OpenGL, Metal or Vulcan rendering capability. Mobile phones are the obvious target but desktops and Raspberry Pi as well.

It has extremely flexible UI allowing the user to create experiences easily which before were usually reserved for the most expensive and time-consuming projects.

It is straightforward to learn. It makes your resourcing problems disappear. Flutter also makes projects run smoothly and leaves enou...
3 days ago by hellsten
The Flutter Crash Course
A lean and effective Flutter course focused on realistic, end to end code examples and recipes. This crash course is catered to beginners and seasons developers alike, offering step by step tutorials.
flutter  development 
4 days ago by ruedigerfranke
Google launches Flutter 1.0 — its fast, powerful cross-platform app UI toolkit
UI elements can take advantage of GPU rendering, as Flutter uses the same Skia 2D graphics engine as Google and Android. In addition, Flutter compiles natively to 32-bit or 64-bit ARM code for both Android and iOS.
Google  Flutter  IDE  app  framework 
5 days ago by euler
luanpotter/flame: A minimalist Flutter game engine
A minimalist Flutter game engine. Contribute to luanpotter/flame development by creating an account on GitHub.
flutter  game 
5 days ago by nezz
Flare Launch – 2Dimensions – Medium
The primary goal of Flare is to allow designers to work directly with assets that run in their final app or game (fully GPU accelerated in real-time). There’s no need to design in one app, animate in…
flutter  flare  animation 
5 days ago by nezz

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