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Paper Foldables™ Paper Craft Toys by Bryan.
Simple and fun-to-make, Paper Foldables are paper craft paper toys you can easily download,
print and assemble. Specializing in custom designs for brand and character marketing,
Paper Foldables make great content for websites and promotional material at public events!
3d  print  paper  figur  create  fold  free  pdf 
6 weeks ago by sebbi
Create, Print, Fold

Create 3D figures on iPad. Then print and fold them from paper.
3d  ios  ipad  print  paper  figur  create  fold 
6 weeks ago by sebbi
3D Thumbnail Hover Effects
A tutorial about how to create 3D thumbnail hover effects with CSS 3D transforms and jQuery.
css  effect  effects  hover  image  fold  animation 
11 weeks ago by jennettefulda
GitHub - gfontenot/reflow: Intelligently reflow plain text |
Intelligently reflow plain text

It's just okay. The 'stack' build system is pretty nifty, though ('stack install' puts the binary in ~/.local/bin by default, which I like).
commandline  haskell  textprocessing  reflow  reformatting  markdown  alternativeto  fold  fmt  par 
july 2019 by kme

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