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Food tech startups in India
If you're a food tech startup, you're going to struggle with the competition and business model
food  business  money  apps  technology 
4 hours ago by badlydrawnrob
Full Harvest - Buy or Sell Imperfect and Surplus Produce
OUR MISSION: To empower sustainability at the root level with the marketplace for surplus & imperfect produce. We help farms capture oddly-shaped & surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste to sell on our marketplace.
food  grocery  sustainability  green  farming 
5 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Top 20 Melbourne cheap eats 2018
Instantly recognisable by the photos of dishes plastered in the front window – or a queue of Koreans craving a taste of home – what this no-frills restaurant lacks in decor it makes up for with its menu. Complimentary kimchi kicks things off, while entrees like Korean pancakes and tteokbokki (chewy cylinders of stir-fried rice cake, fish cake and a hardboiled egg in gochujang chilli paste) are generous and filling. Order noodle soups and rice dishes for mains (about $15), or take the lead of the international students and try fried chicken with melted cheese. BYO wine.
food  melbourne 
6 hours ago by timberwolfoz
The furrow magazine
A magazine for agriculture and farming, help farmers be more profitable
food  money  business 
8 hours ago by badlydrawnrob
Harvard speaker busts coconut oil health myth calling it 'pure poison' - Business Insider Deutschland
A Harvard professor made some controversial comments concerning coconut oil in a lecture on YouTube.
The video, which has garnered 400,000 hits, comes after the American Heart Association has advised people to avoid coconut oil.
In the talk, titled "Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors" professor Karen Michels described coconut oil as "pure poison" and "one of the worst foods you can eat".
food  health 
12 hours ago by lehmannro

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