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Why We Wish for Wilderness | The New York Review of Books | Daily

That anthropocentric definition—wilderness is wherever we’re not—has sparked plenty of debate in conservation circles about what types of places deserve protection, from whom, and for whose benefit. “[I]f nature dies because we enter it,” another University of Wisconsin environmental historian, William Cronon, proposed in 1995, “then the only way to save nature is to kill ourselves.” But the idea of wilderness as the absence of humans remains implicit in much of how we think and talk about wild places. Nash traced this conception back to the advent of herding, agriculture, and settlement 10,000 years ago, when lines both literal and metaphorical began to be etched into the land to delineate where human dominion started and stopped. And this still has a particular American resonance thanks to the lingering influence of the historian Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis, first proposed in 1893, which attributed the emergence of a hardy and distinct national character in the 1800s to the century-long process of conquering the wild and untrammeled West.

No one, in the course of my admirably progressive education, ever tried to tell me that Christopher Columbus was any kind of hero. Still, as I hiked across mountain passes or paddled down lonely rivers, I’d often daydream about what it would have been like to travel those routes for the first time—or at least, without the benefit of knowledge passed on from previous travelers or inhabitants. I read a lot about early explorers of what is now Canada—Étienne Brûlé, Alexander Mackenzie, John Franklin—but until I started worrying about the Shoalts critiques, I’d never actually read their journals.
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Sustainable building: The hottest new material is, uh, wood - Vox
Mass timber is a generic term that encompasses products of various sizes and functions, like glue-laminated (glulam) beams, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), nail-laminated timber (NLT), and dowel-laminated timber (DLT). But the most common and most familiar form of mass timber, the one that has opened up the most new architectural possibilities, is cross-laminated timber (CLT).
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RT : Strong spreading in different directions in the

forte espa…
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This project is an investigation of the materials of the forest by using digital modes of representation. It seeks to visualize, reproduce and preserve structures and materials from the primeval forest of Kočevje by scanning them and re-translating them to materiality by 3D-printing. Because of its interchangeability, the technique of 3D-scanning is often used to create digital archives of archeological artifacts.

As the objects of the forest quickly decay, this archaeologic method captures the ephemeral quality of the objects and their unique, bionic shape which cannot be produced by digital design. By connecting the two different entities – the materials from the forest and the digital representation techniques – a new materiality between digital and analogue emerges.
forest  conservation  3D_printing 
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Thanks to for putting together this fantastic animation about my into secondary in t…
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Woman's class ring she lost in Maine in 1973 was found in a forest in Finland - CNN
미국에서 잃어버렸던 고등학교 졸업기념 반지가 47년 후 핀란드의 숲에서 발견되었다, CNN
- 반지에 적한 고등학교 이름, 그리고 원래 주인의 이니셜 덕분에 주인을 찾아내기 쉬웠다고.
- 하지만 어떻게, 왜 그게 핀란드의 숲속에 갔는지는 미스테리.
cnn  ring  highschool  forest  2020 
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Tesla resumes clearing forest in Germany for next Gigafactory — Quartz
테슬라가 독일에 공장을 세우기 위해 숲을 밀어내는 과정에서 환경운동가와 충돌, QZ
- 하지만 법원은 테슬라의 손을 들어줬다.
- 테슬라는 자동차 및 배터리를 생산하기 위해 독일 베를린 근처의 숲 일부를 밀어내고 공장을 세울 예정
- 독일 현지에 12,000개의 고용을 창출하고, 공장 면적의 3배에 달하는 숲을 조성할 예정
- 솔직히 난 이건 환경운동가들이 좀 극성맞았다고 생각. 그래서 법원도 최종적으로 테슬라의 손을 들어준 것 같다.
environment  tesla  car  automobile  factory  gigafactory  qz  forest  germany 
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Review: Richard Powers’s ‘The Overstory’ - The Atlantic
Review of dour dystopic view of humans’ egocentric march toward destruction #lemming
forest  environment  climate  change  human  ego  destruction  review  book  novel  Q1  2020  extinction 
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Trees for Life | Rewilding the Scottish Highlands
Trees for Life is a registered charity working to restore the Caledonian Forest and its unique wildlife to the Scottish Highlands.
charity  travel  holiday  wild  camping  caledonian  forest  primeval  ancient  woodland  species  wildlife  history  conservation  scotland 
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