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My history with Forth and stack machines (
This is a personal account of my experience implementing and using the Forth programming language and the stack machine architecture. "Implementing and using" – in that order, pretty much; a somewhat typical order, as will become apparent.

It will also become clear why, having defined the instruction set of a processor designed to run Forth that went into production, I don't consider myself a competent Forth programmer (now is the time to warn that my understanding of Forth is just that – my own understanding; wouldn't count on it too much.)
forth  forth-lang  programming-languages 
10 days ago by rcyphers
Forth: The Hacker’s Language (2017) | Hacker News
aidenn0 3 hours ago [-]

I don't use forth personally, but it is at a very interesting corner of the envelope.
I find it both easier to implement than C and easier to develop in than C, while being nearly as fast as C, and often lower footprint than C. It's a really good language for "I really don't want to write in assembly, but there are no decent HLLs already implemented for my target"

fun_in_programming  Forth  Programming_Language 
5 weeks ago by snearch

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