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meine freiheit - Das soziale Netzwerk für Liberale
meine freiheit soll liberal denkende Menschen miteinander verbinden. Das neue Kommunikationstool verfügt über ein leistungsstarkes Intranet und eine Verzahnung mit sozialen Netzwerken. Sie können das Werkzeug für kollaboratives Arbeiten in Arbeitskreisen oder im Wahlkreis, zur Organisation von Terminen und Events nutzen.
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1 hour ago by tbweb
Express yourself! Build censorship-free social networks.
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YPARD | Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
"YPARD enables and empowers young agricultural leaders who shape sustainable food systems. It is an international movement by Young Professionals FOR Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.
This global on-line and off-line communication and discussion platform is meant to enable and empower young agricultural leaders around the world to shape sustainable food systems."

Started in 2005, hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), Bioversity International and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In 2006 in Bern, Switzerland funding support by SDC and official formation in India soon after.

Besides of fostering discussion via their social network function are they also have a regularly updated directory related to fundraising. For example they have posted the 'International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture' from the FAO and the Swiss governmentfor which our UR Bridge app is eligible for the 'Award for Digitalization and innovation for Sustainable Food Systems (USD 40 000)'.

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yesterday by eocas
City-Data Forum - Search Results
An in-platform forum search for Rogers Park crime
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yesterday by csrollyson
Discourse - Civilized Discussion
Discourse is modern forum software for your community. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!
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yesterday by ngaloppo
Rogers Park next door community/forum page
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yesterday by csrollyson
This site no longer has an administrator, however the archive may be worth searching
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yesterday by HDG
Debate platform powered by reason - A tour of Kialo | Kialo
Kialo cuts through the noise typically associated with social and online media, making it easy to engage in focused discussion.
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3 days ago by archangel
Ultimate Led Zeppelin Vinyl Pressings! | Steve Hoffman Music Forums
All the fuss seems to be surrounding the new remasters atm. I think Presence and ITTOD improve on the originals judging from the mastered for iTunes which are from the new remasters and should sound about the same. My ultimate versions though are ofcourse vinyl-
I - US AT/GP George Piros or Classic 200G
III - UK Plum A5/B5
IV - UK Plum A3/B3 or B4
HOTH - UK A1/B1 Porky/Pecko or later RL pressings
PG - UK A1/B4 or B5/C1/D1
Presence - Classic 200G
ITTOD - Classic 200G
Coda - Classic 200G
What are others opinions? Im betting most would firmly agree with the above list as the best you can get!
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3 days ago by rgl7194

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