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80|20 Foundation
80% of impact comes from 20% of effort.
Based on the Pareto Principle, the foundation invests in the 20% of the nonprofits driving 80% of the social impact turning San Antonio into the next hub for entrepreneurship, promoting technology education for the high-skill jobs of our knowledge economy, and providing more urban options.
Graham  Weston  Foundation 
6 days ago by dula
How to add custom.js file to Foundation
f you need to output additional JavaScript files separate from app.js, do the following:

Create new custom.js file in src/assets/js/. If you will be using jQuery, add import $ from 'jquery'; at the top of the file.
In config.yml, add src/assets/js/custom.js to PATHS.entries.
Build (npm start)
You will now have a custom.js file outputted to the dist/assets/js/ directory.
custom  jquery  foundation  import 
13 days ago by brunomonteiro
The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
KURT WEILL (1900-1950) - born in Germany, came to the US in 1935. Composer of the Threepenny Opera, Mahagonny, Lady in the Dark, Street Scene and many other innovative works for the theater.
music  foundation  kurt_weill  discography  jazz  musicals  theater  composers 
5 weeks ago by navegador

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