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Best Scala talks I've seen in 2017
This year has flown by very quickly, and what a year it was for Scala community! Since I watched dozens of talks this year and attended quite a few conferences, I yet again decided to pick my favorite talks of the year!
8 days ago by j_r
The Science Behind Functional Programming
Over the course of three months, I was fortunate enough to attend three awesome conferences: Lambda World in October, ScalaIO in November, and Scala eXchange in December. I found that after attending almost 20 talks and several workshops, there are several subjects worthy of discussion.
8 days ago by j_r
ö plakatiert slogan „stolz auf linz“ mit 1 paar brüste und 1 muskelpaket. offizielles stadt linz wappen in…
linz  fp  from twitter_favs
13 days ago by aderieg
Is there a renowned programmer who doesn't believe in OOPs? - Quora
John Carmack advocates moving away from OO towards FP Functional Programming in C++.
oop  vs  functional-programming  fp 
14 days ago by gdw

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