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More methane in atmosphere linked to more fracking
The chemical signature of methane released from fracking is found in the atmosphere, pointing to shale gas operations as the culprit.
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8 days ago by xer0x
More methane in atmosphere linked to more fracking • National Geographic
Stephen Leahy:
<p>Scientists have measured big increases in the amount of methane, the powerful global warming gas, entering the atmosphere over the last decade. Cows or wetlands have been fingered as possible sources, but new research points to methane emissions from fossil fuel production—mainly from shale gas operations in the United States and Canada—as the culprit.

The “massive” increase in methane emissions occurred at the same time as the use of fracking for shale gas took off in the US, says Robert Howarth, an ecologist at Cornell University and author of the study published Aug 14 in the journal Biogeosciences.

“We know the increase is largely due to fossil fuel production and this research suggests over half is from shale gas operations,” Howarth says in an interview.

This big methane increase matters because methane heats up the climate over 80 times more than an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the first 20 years after it is released into the atmosphere, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. After 20 years most of the methane becomes CO2, which can last for hundreds of years.</p>

This is from August, but still relevant. And will be for hundreds of years.
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10 days ago by charlesarthur
RT : TOMORROW'S SUNDAY TIMES: Cuadrilla packs up in Preston, and UK bites the dust

" imminent energy whi…
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New Initiative will Map and Measure Methane Emissions Across the Permian Basin | Environmental Defense Fund
Nearly five million barrels of oil is produced each day in the basin, yet the majority of methane emissions go unmeasured, unregulated and unmitigated.

Researchers have also shown that nationwide methane emissions from the oil and gas industry are at least 60% higher than the EPA estimates.
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21 days ago by brittneybush
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