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Inigo Quilez :: Fractal Brownian Motion
Noise generation that is random, but self-similar at all scales
algorithm  graphics  math  fractal  worldbuilding 
14 days ago by dogrover
Fractal Engineering — A lens for simplifying complex software systems
Viewing software engineering concepts through a fractal lens can simplify complex systems. Here we discuss this as a tool for designing system architecture. We start with a rough description of…
fractal  software  engineering  complex  system 
5 weeks ago by gilberto5757 – Drawing fractal Droste images
When I was researching Droste images for a previous post, I occasionally came across strange versions which depicted multiple spirals, rather than the customary single spiral, like this one by David Pearson. This led me down a rabbit hole to understand what is actually going on in these images, and to see what I could make with the effect.
fractal  javascript  complex  math 
6 weeks ago by pmigdal
Fleen Forsythia
Lovely generative art, I like this guy's colors in particular
art  generative  via:Reddit  tootme  fractal  recursive 
7 weeks ago by nelson
The Universal Law That Aims Time’s Arrow | Quanta Magazine
In particular, far-from-equilibrium systems exhibit fractal-like behavior, which means they look very much the same at different spatial and temporal scales.
fractal  time  Physics 
9 weeks ago by guyl
Easy way to get includes for eager loading · Issue #146 · thephpleague/fractal
I want to be able to do something like this in my controllers: $users = User::with($eagerLoads)->get(); In my transformers, I want to be able to use both $defaultIncludes and $availableIncludes. Also, I want to be able to set an "eager l...
fractal  eagerloading 
10 weeks ago by jkorn
Lindenmayer systems
where a neat method to encode growth patterns using symbols is shown. A turtle implementation to perceive this geometrically is shown as well.
algorithm  biology  fractal 
11 weeks ago by vyaas
Faster Fractals with Multi-Threaded WebAssembly
When WebAssembly was released a couple of years ago it was an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), one significant feature that was missing from the MVP was threads. The WebAssembly threads proposal is now quite mature and available in both the tooling and Chrome. This blog post explores the internals of this feature, the new instruction set, and how it supports multi-threaded applications.
july 2019 by geetarista

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