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Strapi - Node.js API Framework with Headless CMS capabilities.
> The most advanced open-source Content Management Framework to build powerful API with no effort.

javascript  graphql  admin  api  nodejs  headless  cms  node  framework  boilerplate 
52 minutes ago by jefftriplett
Mustard UI · A CSS framework that actually looks good.
Mustard UI is a complete CSS framework that is production ready out of the box. There is no need to customize the CSS if you don’t want to because it is head and shoulders above others in terms of the way that it looks. We think it looks great and hope you do too.
css  framework  grid  design 
19 hours ago by jppferguson
Next.js is a lightweight framework for static and server‑rendered applications.
next  nextjs  react  reactjs  javascript  framework  programming  web  universal  isomorphic 
22 hours ago by vicchow
Angular vs. Knockout: Similarities and Fundamental Differences · Devbridge
BY:Tomas Kirda POSTED ON:12/01/2014 TOPIC:Engineering
Angular vs. Knockout: Similarities and Fundamental Differences

AngularJS and KnockoutJS are JavaScript libraries that help create rich and responsive web UI interactions. KnockoutJS is a library that connects parts of the UI to a data model using declarative bindings. The same can be said about AngularJS, which is where the confusion comes from. The fundamental difference between the two solutions is that AngularJS manages the whole application and defines guidelines on how the application code should be structured, whereas with KnockoutJS the application structure is entirely up to you.

Let’s review some relevant terminology:

Library - a collection of functions used to write web apps. Your code is in charge, and it references the library when it needs to.

Framework - a particular implementation of a web application, where code fills in the details. The framework is in charge, and it references your code when it needs something app specific.

Let’s compare features that are similar and review how they differ.

Data Binding
angular  javascript  framework  blog  review  article 
23 hours ago by ndf

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