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The "Yellow Vests" Show How Much the Ground Moves Under Our Feet | Infoshop News
It strikes me that the profound confusion, even incredulity, displayed by the French commentariat—and even more, the world commentariat—in the face of each successive “Acte” of the Gilets Jaunes drama, now rapidly approaching its insurrectionary climax, is a result of a near total inability to take account of the ways that power, labour, and the movements ranged against power, have changed over the last 50 years, and particularly, since 2008. Intellectuals have for the most part done an extremely poor job understanding these changes.
politics  france  neoliberalism  anarchism  argument 
5 hours ago by kmt
Macron bows to protesters' demands and says: I know I have hurt some of you | World news | The Guardian
President takes emergency measures to placate gilets jaunes but refuses to reinstate wealth tax
5 hours ago by tonys
Fixed Term Savings | RCI Bank
Our fixed term savings account offers a guaranteed rate so you'll know exactly how much you'll earn by the end of the fixed term.
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Chantilly | France Galop
Fiche hippodrome Hippodrome de Chantilly Le plus classique des hippodromes français L’hippodrome de Chantilly est un écrin intemporel que le monde entier nous…
riding  racing  events  chantilly  oise  (picardie)  hauts-de-france  france 
17 hours ago by asaltydog

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