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No Sympathy for the Hillbilly
If some people want to vote against their own self-interest, maybe the party should let them.
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march 2017 by beery
FOCUS | Lipstick on an Elephant by Frank Rich 3.4.13
The Republican Plan A is simplicity itself: steal future elections by disenfranchising those Americans who keep rejecting the party at the polls (blacks, young people, Latinos). This strategy was hatched even before Election Day, with widespread local efforts to reinstate Jim Crow obstacles at the ballot box, from reduced voting hours to new identification requirements. After the election, a parallel scheme was revived: state laws that propose slicing and dicing the Electoral College to increase the odds that a Republican presidential candidate could win an election while losing the popular vote. Next up is the Supreme Court, ruling this term on a new challenge to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That signature civil-rights law, born in the crucible of Martin Luther King Jr.'s incarceration in Selma, was reenacted with bipartisan unanimity in 2006 (the vote was 98-0 in the Senate, 390-33 in the House). But now that the GOP is under existential threat, the highly political chief justice,
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march 2013 by juandante
Murdoch Hacked Us Too
This NY Mag "Murdoch Hacked Us Too" piece by Frank Rich is chilling:
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august 2011 by mkaps
Frank Rich, Outlinker
Aaron Bradley/SEO Skeptic, March 14, 2011.
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april 2011 by markcoddington
Gay Bashing at the Smithsonian -
"“Fire in My Belly” was removed from exhibit by the National Portrait Gallery some 10 days ago w/ full approval, if not instigation, of its parent institution, the Smithsonian…incident is chilling because it suggests that even in a time of huge progress in gay civil rights, homophobia remains among the last permissible bigotries in America. “Think anti-gay bullying is just for kids? Ask the Smithsonian,” wrote LA Times’s art critic, Christopher Knight, last week. One might add: Think anti-gay bullying is just for small-town America? Look at the nation’s capital.<br />
<br />
The Smithsonian’s behavior & ensuing silence in official Washington are jarring echoes of those days when American political leaders stood by idly as the epidemic raged on. The incident is also a throwback to the culture wars we thought we were getting past now — most eerily the mother of them all, the cancellation of a Mapplethorpe exhibit (after he died of AIDS) at another Washington museum, the Corcoran, in 1989."
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december 2010 by robertogreco
Jane Mayer and Frank Rich on the Kochs / Reihan Salam (September 1, 2010, The Agenda, National Review Online)
"That is, Koch philanthropy dedicated to giving grant money to graduate students interested in liberty — including several left-wing friends of mine, one of whom received a small sum to fund his research into David Hume’s moral philosophy — is a pretty darn indirect way to serve your economic interests."
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september 2010 by cbearden

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