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“As an Added Bonus, She Paid for Everything”: My Bright-Lights Misadventure with a Magician of Manhattan | Vanity Fair
She walked into my life in Gucci sandals and Céline glasses, and showed me a glamorous, frictionless world of hotel living and Le Coucou dinners and infrared saunas and Moroccan vacations. And then she made my $62,000 disappear.
AnnaDelvey  personalaccount  fraud  NewYork  Marrakech  VanityFair  2018 
2 hours ago by inspiral
The Reputation-Laundering Firm That Ruined Its Own Reputation | The New Yorker
A P.R. company that worked with dictators and oligarchs deliberately inflamed racial tensions in South Africa—and destroyed itself in the process.
BellPottinger  publicrelations  profile  review  Guptas  SouthAfrica  fraud  fakenews  critique  decline  NewYorker  2018 
2 hours ago by inspiral
Theranos Lessons · Collaborative Fund
“Optimism requires a degree of believing in things you can not or have not verified”. Especially where new technology is concerned. So be ready to bet, but never bet the ranch. “The key is an intentional focus on diversification, room for error, and avoiding single points of failure, particularly for big, non-insurable risks”
optimism  fraud  crime 
yesterday by JohnDrake
Real People Are Turning Their Accounts Into Bots On Instagram — And Cashing In
Brands like Walmart, Kroger, and the skin treatment product Aquaphor showed up in sponsored, Fuelgram-juiced posts BuzzFeed News uncovered. Multiple Fuelgram users who liked Viral Hippo’s intentionally terrible posts liked these posts as well.
instagram  fraud  fake  marketing  likes  social  media 
2 days ago by markhgn
State of Digital Ad Fraud Q2 2018
Ad fraud is at its all time high; both in rate and in dollars. Here's the evidence, you decide for yourself.
online  advertising  fraud  slides  presentation 
2 days ago by markhgn
No I will not sell you a 'dofollow' link
I get asked to share spam at least twice a week. It's very annoying
spam  advertising  fraud  web 
2 days ago by andrewducker
New York’s Case Against Trump May Be Prophetic - Bloomberg
“A man claiming to be worth billions of dollars — and who certainly flaunted the lifestyle — appears to have illegally diverted $7 from a charitable foundation to pay his son’s Boy Scouts registration fee.”
Trump  Charity  Fraud  Idiocy  NYAG  Law 
4 days ago by Membranophonist
Adtech won’t fix ad fraud because it's too lucrative, say specialists • Which-50
Joseph Brookes:
<p>Adtech companies themselves are rarely accused of fraud. Instead, most of the fraud that Which-50 has investigated is committed by bad agents exploiting technical and process weaknesses found in the legitimate adtech ecosystem.

The rewards are significant. One former fraudster last year described to Which-50 how a small operation he worked in, with only three staff running a fairly unsophisticated grift, was raking in $US25,000 a week.

Our recent report about the MegaCast app serving tens of thousands of video ads in the background — irrespective of whether the app was engaged — operated at different scale altogether.

Another example: last year Forbes reported that a “… South Korean company, Kiniwini, hid an illegitimate ad clicking function inside 41 apps, most of which were games.” 

That scam was uncovered not by Google, which manages the Android app store, but by security company Checkpoint. As Forbes noted, the scam bypassed Google’s Bouncer technology which is designed to mitigate against fraud. This was because the offending capability was downloaded after installation.

Google also missed the MegaCast racket. It was actually discovered by Pixalate which revealed the details in a company blog.

Accusations of direct fraud by adtech companies are more rare, although not unheard of. Occasionally these come to light where companies are accused directly of fraud by their competitors — such as when Steelhouse and Criteo went at each other in the US courts in 2016.

The parties settled their arguments shortly before their respective lawyers were due to commence the legal discovery process, telling the market through a statement that once they had a better understanding of how each other’s business worked, they realised it was all just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Which-50 is not accusing either company of fraud. Rather we merely point out that each accused the other of exactly that before they settled.</p>
Adtech  fraud 
4 days ago by charlesarthur
How To Be An Instagram Influencer For $300: A 2-Month Study
For the first Instagram account, we hired a local model and generated the entire channel's content through a one-day photo shoot. The fake persona behind the account was a fashion and lifestyle influencer and Santa Monica local who went by the username "calibeachgirl310".
instagram  fraud  celebrity  fail  funny  casestudies 
4 days ago by dancall
InstaFraud: How fake Instagram 'influencers' are gaming brands for money - Hack - triple j
@wanderingggirl is into travel, camping, sunsets. @calibeachgirl310 is into fashion, bikinis, yoga. @wanderingggirl goes to Paris, @calibeachgirl310 ambles on the sands of Santa Monica.

But the two Instagram accounts, with more than 80,000 followers between them, have one big thing in common: they're both fictional, made up from stock photos and modelling snaps and a few hundred dollars worth of paid-for fake followers and engagement.

From March to July, the California-based Mediakix created the two profiles from scratch and secured four paid brand endorsement deals between them worth US$500 in total, including the value of free products. One national US food company was fooled by both profiles.
instagram  fraud  celebrity  casestudies  fail 
4 days ago by dancall
How to spot a perfect fake: the world’s top art forgery detective | News | The Guardian
So forgers have grown more rigorous in their harvesting of materials, taking the trouble, for instance, to source wooden panels from furniture they know is dateable to the year of the fake they are creating

Finally, embedded in a speckle of blue, he found a slim fibre; with a scalpel, he snipped it off and subjected it to infrared spectroscopy. The fibre turned out to be polypropylene. Perhaps someone had worn a polar fleece while painting the forgery?

For a while, Martin cited this example in a two-day course he taught. Last year, though, he read a translation of Faussaire (or Forger), a French novel written in 2015 and containing a wealth of sound wisdom for forgers. “If you want to get hold of antique lead,” one character advises another, for instance, “then you can just pick up bits of it from the old buildings in Rome.” The same character warns of the dangers from “microparticles from your clothes … You must always work in an old smock. Never nylon or a modern apron.” Martin is convinced the detail came from his anecdote; it was one reason he decided to stop teaching his course altogether.
crime  criminal  art  interesting  fraud  lies 
5 days ago by ramitsethi
Visa: EMV Cards Cut Down Counterfeit Card Fraud in the US by 70%
Visa said last week that two years after US retailers started deploying terminals that could read chip-based credit and debit cards, reports of counterfeit card fraud have dropped by 70%.
While modern chip-based payment cards —also known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) cards after the three organizations that promoted the new technology— are the standard payment card issued in most regions of the globe, the US has always lagged behind.
The reasons are many, but most banks and retailers cited that it would be more costly to issue new EMV cards and replace classic magnetic strip payment terminals with modern devices that could also accept EMV cards.
credit_cards  security  chip  fraud 
5 days ago by rgl7194
Trump charity fraud
Details of the NY AG indictment sure look like Trump broke the law flagrantly. The question is, will anyone care?
trump  politics  charity  fraud  newyork 
5 days ago by nelson

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