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A simple text editor that makes it easy to write and read nested notes in
Standard-Notes  editor  web  free  open-source  github 
yesterday by squishyrobot
pzolee / tcpserver / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

This program is designed for WiFi Speed Test for Android application for server side of local computers.

If you have never heard about this program, you can find more details and information in my blog:
internet  performance  wifi  networking  tool  free  python  linux  windows  benchmark  bitbucket  links  support 
yesterday by ezequiel
You Can Now Download 150,000 Free Illustrations of the Natural World | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
The artworks, collected by the open-access Biodiversity Heritage Library, range from animal sketches to historical diagrams and botanical studies
art  biology  free  nature  illustrations 
yesterday by gdw
Vulnerable By Design ~ VulnHub
VulnHub provides materials allowing anyone to gain practical hands-on experience with digital security, computer applications and network administration tasks.
CTF  boot2root  break  community  crack  design  digital  download  exploit  free  hacking  hands  hint  information  infosec  learning  legal  machine  machines  materials  mirror  on  pentest  pentesting  practical  resources  security  spoiler  training  virtual  vuln  vulnerable  vulnhub  walkthrough 
yesterday by tranqy
Mockup World | The best free Mockups from the Web
The best free Mockups from the Web
The biggest source of free photo-realistic Mockups online
mockups  resources  free  portal  Webdesign  visualization 
yesterday by gwippich
Biodiversity Heritage Library
The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.
images  library  art  biology  ecology  illustration  libraries  science  free  illustrations 
2 days ago by atran
Old Book Illustrations
Old Book Illustrations offers a wide range of public domain, royalty-free images scanned from old books. Searchable galleries include animals, plants, techniques, artists names, books titles, and much more...
art  free  books  illustration  stock  history  design  images  via:popular  gallery 
2 days ago by atran

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