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nBox | Secure your email address with an inbox dedicated to registrations.
nBox helps you for free to generate a different private email address for each site in order to eradicate ads from your personal inbox.
email  privacy  free  mailbox  spam  trashmail 
19 hours ago by e2b
Best Free OCR API & Online OCR Service - Fresh 2017 OCR Software
Best free OCR API and Online OCR Service. Try instantly, no registration required. The Cloud OCR API is a REST-based Web API to convert images and PDF to text. Free OCR software as a hosted service and as download.
ocr  free  api  service 
20 hours ago by e2b
Spectral, the first parametric Google font by Prototypo.
Experience Spectral. the first parametric Google font by Prototypo. Opening up to a new era of type design, the parametric font technology allows to work with responsive characters improving creativity and exploring new shapes.
font  fonts  typography  design  parametric  glyph  google  interactive  free 
20 hours ago by e2b
free SVG and PNG icons for your games or apps
assets  free  icons 
20 hours ago by yaro_b

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