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A Simple Personal CRM App for Friends - Keep My Friends
Keep My Friends Is Useful To

- Remind me to call home every week
- Keep in contact with friends and relatives living overseas in opposite time zones
- Re-establish lost friendships and reconnect with new and consistent follow up
- Keep professional lines of communication open for future opportunities
- Manage your informal networking
- Follow up meaningfully after meeting new people at conferences or events
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19 hours ago by kOoLiNuS
What do we owe her now? by Elizabeth Bruenig – Washington Post
It’s obvious that vulnerability will elicit viciousness from predators. But then there are the rest of us — the cast of Arlingtonians beginning with midnight partygoers and ending with high school rumor-listeners who, with honorable exception, ridiculed Wyatt at worst and ignored her at best. Wyatt’s story calls on us to inquire: What motivates otherwise ordinary people to abandon all pretense of mercy when faced with the abject need for it?

To look into the eyes of a vulnerable person is to see yourself as you might be. It’s a more harrowing experience than one might readily admit. There is a version of yourself made powerless, status diminished, reliant upon the goodwill of others. One response is empathy: to shore up your reserves of charity and trust, in hopes that others will do the same. Another is denial: If you refuse to believe you could ever be in such a position — perhaps by blaming the frail for their frailty or ascribing their vulnerability to moral failure — then you never have to face such an uncomfortable episode of imagination. You come away disgusted with the weak, but content in the certainty you aren’t among them.

Or they make you feel helpless, just by dint of how little you can do to stop what’s being done to them. The temptation in that case is to look away, let it all be someone else’s problem, or deny that there’s a problem in need of resolution in the first place.

As I reported on her story over the course of three years, Wyatt was alternately patient and frustrated. She wondered, in a series of private Facebook messages to me, whether this article would ever be published, and whether revisiting that period in her life was worth the emotional cost. It was, she told me last year, “a wound that has been reopened.”

Sometimes I replied; sometimes I didn’t. I didn’t know whether the article would ever be published, either. But I didn’t want to be the last person to look away.
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3 days ago by timmarkatos
Friendship's Frequency - Sibylla Bostoniensis
"In Western culture (and possibly others?) relational contact frequency is conflated with the degree of "closeness" between two parties. How often you spend time with someone – and how long you spend – is taken to signify the extent of the relationship: the degree of emotional intimacy, the degree of commitment, the degree of esteem and affection."
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4 days ago by mindways

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