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Colid Template Preview
A nice template for a landing page.
frontend  web  biz  web-template 
2 days ago by dgquintas
Web Components | MDN
As developers, we all know that reusing code as much as possible is a good idea. This has traditionally not been so easy for custom markup structures — think of the complex HTML (and associated style and script) you've sometimes had to write to render custom UI controls, and how using them multiple times can turn your page into a mess if you are not careful.
3 days ago by iZac
The Power of Web Components - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Web Components comprises a set of standards that enable user-defined HTML elements. These elements can go in all the same places as traditional HTML. Despite the long standardization process, the ...
3 days ago by iZac
Glider.js - modern carousel

A blazingly fast, crazy small, fully responsive, mobile-friendly, dependency free, native scrolling list with paging controls!
javascript  frontend  programming 
3 days ago by jarrodn
Compress and compare images with different codecs, right in your browser
development  compression  image  performance  tools  tool  frontend  IFTTT  webdev  webservice 
5 days ago by speckz

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