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A Directory of design and front-end resources

This site is dedicated to compiling and sharing useful resources for Designers and UI Developers.
ui  ux  design  webdesign  frontend  inspiration  reference 
5 hours ago by davidgasperoni
The web is ready for great graphic design
Some of the world's greatest print design was made on known canvases, with known content using known color options. On the web, we have more flexible tools. Media queries, flexible units, Grid Layout and Flexbox let us do great graphic design. With flexibility.
css  design  frontend  presentation 
8 hours ago by kogakure
BEM For Beginners: Why You Need BEM — Smashing Magazine
CSS styles isolation is the most frequent start point of the BEM usage. But this is the least that BEM can give you. BEM brings a system approach in your project and keeps it from the mess. BEM makes your code scalable and reusable, thus increasing productivity and facilitating teamwork.
bem  css  frontend 
8 hours ago by kogakure
A powerful data table plugin for VueJS
programming  javascript  vue  vue.component  frontend 
11 hours ago by jarrodn
How to build a React-Redux application with API-first CMS Contentful
React is a very powerful library that makes it easy to build universal apps. Supercharged with Redux and combined with Contentful, you can quickly develop CMS powered blogs and websites.
contentful  api  frontend  redux  react  js  javascript  blog 
yesterday by jmsmrgn
Full Image Reveal Effect | Codrops
JSUI * Pickr * The Most Powerful Font * Devpen * Awesome design patterns * LogicEmu * MapKit JS * jsconfeu-gen... G6 * Priority Nav Scroller * CORS * * 10 Things I Regret About Node.js * Supercraft * The Histo...
css  effect  frontend  image  javascript 
3 days ago by kogakure
Implications of using GPL-licensed client-side JavaScript
A summary of what a web developer using GPL'ed JavaScript should know.
javascript  gpl  developer  license  frontend  legal 
4 days ago by deveiant

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