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We Need a New Science of Progress - The Atlantic
I was originally pretty skeptical with
's call for "progress studies." However I have more recently changed my position

Let me spit out some half formed thoughts here.

I have changed my mind mostly because of reflections on a few entirely different topics: the field of 'cultural evolution,' the field of 'cognitive science' and some broader thinking about the study of specific historical periods and the study of strategic theory.
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Class Dismissed - Ali Qadeer | Frontier
In place of suggestions for a set of design texts we must internalize, I propose graphic designers embrace a discourse of forgetting. The material output of our field tends toward ephemerality anyway—so what better way to celebrate the nature of our practice than making forgetting a core value? Of course, this doesn’t mean bypassing reading and theorizing as crucial aspects of what it means to be a designer, but rather to avoid what design instructor Juliette Cezzar refers to as “substituting hagiography for history itself.” The best kind of design writing is writing that knows it will soon be irrelevant.
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Frontier myth - Wikipedia
"... Slotkin defines myth as "a set of narratives that acquire through specifiable historical action a significant ideological charge."

"Limerick’s goal is to reinterpret Western history under the term conquest, without the concept of the frontier (including its closing in 1890). "
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