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Theresa May’s terrible Brexit deal has united the UK in horror | Financial Times
We need a path that avoids a brutal and damaging rupture with EU and its consequences
ft  uk  eu 
16 hours ago by robward
Divers find body of hiker at waterfall - AP
Authorities say divers found the body of a missing Chinese businessman who disappeared while hiking near a waterfall in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle.
21 hours ago by bbishop
Financial Times tool warns if articles quote too many men | Media | The Guardian
bot that uses pronouns and analysis of first names to determine whether a source is male or a female. Section editors will then be alerted if they are not doing enough to feature women in their stories
bots  automation  augmentedjournalism  gender  diversity  t  s  FT 
yesterday by paulbradshaw
Shaanxi liquor contains excess plasticizer that may hurt men’s sperm count - Global Times
After the report stirred public outrage, the company issued a statement and said it plans to recall the product, claiming that the liquor produced in 2012 completely met the standards in 2013 tests, as there were no tests for DBP at that time, reported last Friday. // Can't think of worse advertising than "drink this and you will have no offspring..."
yesterday by bbishop
Chinese outbound tourism | McKinsey
Our new survey of more than 2,000 Chinese tourists explodes these myths, and others:

Not all Chinese tourists are keen on shopping. Instead, some attach more importance to the travel experience.
Visiting landmarks is no longer Chinese visitors’ primary goal. A majority now prefer to immerse themselves in local life.
Short outings remain popular, but long-distance tours and niche travel products are rapidly gaining favor. Chinese visitors are staying in one place longer. And more young people, who prefer to take their time while traveling, are joining the flock.
Chinese tourists do not confine themselves to just Chinese food. They are more willing to try exotic foods, and fine dining enjoys even greater popularity.
China’s tourists are worth getting to know better. In 2017, Chinese travelers took more than four billion trips in-country and 131 million trips overseas.

Full report:
yesterday by bbishop
'It's a fertile hunting ground': The Financial Times sees podcasts leading to paying subscribers - Digiday
the publisher has extended its audio strategy to include smart speakers, starting with Google’s voice-command platform Assistant. On Saturday, the publisher launched its first interactive audio experience called “Hidden Cities” via Google Assistant, which can be accessed via Google’s smart speakers, as well as on Google and Apple smartphones.
voice  podcasts  FT  subscriptions  onlineaudio 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
The economic consequences of the Great War | Financial Times
Lessons to learn at the centenary of the 1918 armistice
ft  history 
4 days ago by robward
A ‘no deal’ Brexit outcome would justify another referendum | Financial Times
So, what then? Some argue this would be fine. They are wrong. The UK would lose a highly favourable trading relationship with by far its most important trading partners, plus the EU’s preferential agreements with other countries. It would do so in return for hypothetical (and certainly less favourable) deals with some other countries at some point in the future.
brexit  ft  opinion 
12 days ago by Ciudilo
Sea cucumbers lead China's logistics blockchain charge · TechNode
Introducing blockchain to sea cucumber production helps mitigate counterfeit risk and bolster food safety—which has become one of the most significant concerns among China’s 1.3 billion people. That’s why Chinese e-commerce giant JD is cooperating with sea cucumber producers to put information—such as where the sea creature came from, when it was raised, fished, and produced—on their food tracking blockchain. The company has even installed 24-hour cameras that live stream the fishing area and production factory in the northern Chinese port city of Dalian.
14 days ago by bbishop
Inaction over climate change is shameful | Financial Times
Climate change needs drastic action now, but this would be politically difficult
ft  cimate  change  temp  1.5  CO2  john  key  2018  inaction  future  global  warming 
15 days ago by danfnz
What the Dutch can teach the world about cannabis | Financial Times
As legalisation gathers pace, Simon Kuper heads to Amsterdam in search of answers
ft  society 
19 days ago by robward
Theresa May’s Brexit strategy is running out of road | Financial Times
Fury at the PM is rising inside cabinet and on Conservative backbenches
ft  uk  eu  politics 
24 days ago by robward

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