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The Grumpy Economist: Cross-subsidies
Cross-subsidies are an under-appreciated original sin of economic stagnation. To transfer money from A to B, it would usually be better to raise taxes on A and to provide vouchers or otherwise pay competitive suppliers on behalf of B. But our political system doesn't like to admit the size of government-induced transfers, so instead we force businesses to undercharge B. Since they have to cover cost, they must overcharge A. It starts as the same thing as a tax on A to subsidize B. But a cross-subsidy cannot withstand competition. Someone else can give A a better price. So our government protects A from that competition. That ruins the underlying markets, and next thing you know everyone is paying more for less.
economics  fundamentals  Airlines  healthcare  cochrane 
9 days ago by HispanicPundit
Another “missing” component could revolutionize electronics - MIT Technology Review
New work on the trancitor, an oddball circuit analog to the memristor that's sorta like a transistor and a capacitor
IC  curcuit  fundamentals  trancitor  transistor  capacitor  research  technology  memristor 
28 days ago by asteroza
If You're Not Doing Continuous Asset Management You're Not Doing Security
The more a company can tell me about their assets the better their security is, and the more comprehensive and realtime the inventory is, the more mature they are. This has been true for me over 15 years of consulting across hundreds of organizations. But just try---either as an internal employee or as a
infosec  cybersec  informationsecurity  cybersecurity  fundamentals  assetmanagement 
8 weeks ago by rdump
The Inequality Hype - The American Interest
Recounted in its most auspicious light, the story of this interaction over the past three decades reveals that while inequality increased, so did household incomes at every level. Measured by disposable household income the U.S. standard of living is among the highest of all the advanced industrial democracies, not to mention the rest of the world. Indeed, reflecting on the rest of the world, Tyler Cowen urges us to preface all discussions of inequality with a reminder that although economic inequality has been increasing in advanced industrialized nations, over the past two decades global inequality has been falling.16 And given global economic patterns, this is not a coincidence but a relationship.
Inequality  AmericanInterest  fundamentals 
9 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Greatest Hits of Binet & Field by Tom Roach
"So given the reliance of that article and its accompanying slide deck on Binet & Field’s work for the IPA I wanted to select my own ‘Greatest hits’ from their huge back catalogue. These are the charts that in my experience have proved most popular, enduring and useful – in persuading CMOs, CEOs and wider stakeholders to do the right thing for their brands.

Please steal these charts, use them, and spread them far and wide for every marketer to come across. And thank you Les and Peter for everything you’ve done and continue to do."
advertising  bestof  brand  charts  data  deck  fundamentals  ipa  lesbinet  peterfield  tomroach  strategy  media 
11 weeks ago by eugenexxv
Functional pattern: flatMap
The web's community of communities now has one central hub.
flatmap  map  filter  reduce  fundamentals  functional 
12 weeks ago by jimthedev

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