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New Rules for the New Economy
Aphorisms for the "new" (decentralized, agile) economy; from the CoolTools website.
business  future-shock  big-picture 
june 2014 by amoore
Douglas Rushkoff - Blog - CNN: The Terror of Real Time
"Of course, none of the usual narratives apply, for we no longer live in a world with beginnings, middles and ends. That quaint structure went out with the Industrial Age and the moon shot. We no longer design career paths; we no longer invest in the future. We occupy; we freelance; we trade derivatives. Everything happens in the now."
urgency  terrorism  terror  fear  future  future-shock  essay 
april 2013 by tsuomela
Thoughts for an eleventh September: Alvin Toffler, Hirohito, Sarah Palin « Adam Greenfield's Speedbird
"After my talks, I’m frequently enough asked about the comparative technical backwardness of the US, often in so many words. In such circumstances I invariably trot out Mimi Ito’s relativist line about “alternatively technologized modernities,” and the idea that different places, different polities arrive at – have to arrive at – divergent understandings about which technologies are appropriate for their given time and place. And I strongly believe that it’s a correct line..but it’s no longer true. What’s going on in the US isn’t, it’s clear to me, a measured and equally valid selection from the sheaf of available technosocial possibilities, but symptomatic, however subtly, of a headlong flight from contemporaneity. In the relatively narrow field of my interests – ambient informatics, the networked city – can be seen something profound writ small: among fully-developed nations, the US stands out as having generally rejected “futuristic” interventions in everyday urban life, to the point that what I’m bound to present as innovative to US audiences is almost laughably banal elsewhere."
future  emotion  future-shock  sensation  interface  mobile  america  fear  politics  2008 
october 2012 by tsuomela
The Unbearable Stasis of "Accelerating Change"
This is something that has struck me time and time again: The transhumanoids and singularitarians and online futurists love to congratulate themselves over their unflappability at the prospects of shatteringly onrushing changed futures. They literally have a whole "shock level" calculator, which is kinda sorta like a Cosmo sex quiz for pasty futurological males who think diddling themselves over cartoons of space elevators or descriptions of traversable wormholes demonstrates the awesomeness of their humanity-plus brains as compared to mehum (mere human) sheeple types.
stasis  futurism  transhumanism  extremism  robot  cult  critique  tech  bloom  singularity  Future-Shock  Future-Fatigue 
august 2012 by zzkt
Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit | David Graeber | The Baffler
Why did the projected explosion of technological growth everyone was expecting—the moon bases, the robot factories—fail to happen? There are two possibilities. Either our expectations about the pace of technological change were unrealistic (in which case, we need to know why so many intelligent people believed they were not) or our expectations were not unrealistic (in which case, we need to know what happened to derail so many credible ideas and prospects).
futurism  Future-Shock  research  collapsonomics  economics  post-structuralism  progress  marx  postmodernism  palaeofuture  future  society  technology 
june 2012 by zzkt

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