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Chocolatier Paul Young puts forward his top predictions for the future of chocolate | Foodspark
“I’ve just done a walnut and coffee cake truffle product development,” he notes. “So taking desserts, cakes and the things people have around afternoon tea into chocolates – they are the things that are going to be bigger. Taking the things people are familiar with but into chocolate, so it could be a cake, a tart, a drink.

“We are bringing back the tea and biscuit truffle, which is a milky Yorkshire Tea ganache with biscuit coating. So lots of comforting, familiar things and lots of nostalgia. Nostalgia sells chocolate.”
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A Study Finds Half of Jobs Are Vulnerable To Automation - Slashdot
The Economist reports of a new working paper by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that assesses the automatability of each task within a given job, based on a survey of skills in 2015. "Overall, the study finds that 14% of jobs across 32 countries are highly vulnerabl...
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How Workday manages talent in the third age of HCM
"A fascinating insight into how HCM vendor Workday does its own talent management, as the age of HR gives way to the age of 'people enablement'"
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