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How evolutionary selection can train more capable self-driving cars | DeepMind
“...To make this process more efficient, researchers at DeepMind devised a way to automatically determine good hyperparameter schedules based on evolutionary competition (called “Population Based Training” or PBT), which combines the advantages of hand-tuning and random search...”
evolution  deeplearning  neuralnets  hybrids  selfdriving  population  ga  gp  ai  machinelearning 
3 days ago by cwr
is now! A couple of weeks ago I shoot some Vlogs about . Watch them here: 1) Getting st…
GA  Sentinel  AzureSentinel  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by
Job Talle | Evolving Lindenmayer systems
Lindenmayer systems have been developed to model plant growth. An evolutionary algorithm can be used to simulate plant evolution using L-systems. The systems themselves represent DNA, while the structures they produce represent plants. This technique gives rise to interesting yet familiar plant-like structures.
ai  algorithms  tree  lindenmayer  blog  development  ga  game  gamedev  generative  graphics  job  procedural-generation  programming  tallest 
6 weeks ago by xer0x
What you need to know to be a sysadmin |
Kickstart your sysadmin career by gaining these minimum competencies.
sysadmin  intro  ga  pcm 
10 weeks ago by gdw

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