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GitHub - kasymovga/rexuiz: Rexuiz build system
Rexuiz build system. Contribute to kasymovga/rexuiz development by creating an account on GitHub.
nexuiz  rexuiz  linux  game  opensource  darkplaces 
3 hours ago by raphman
リリース・TeamShinkansen / Hakchi2-CE・GitHub
Hakchi2はhakchiのフロントエンドです。hakchi2は元々clustermによって作成され、その後、チーム新幹線によって保守されるHakchi2 CE(hakchiをコンソールに管理およびインストールするための推奨ツール)に分岐されています。
yesterday by obey
Releases · ClusterM/retroarch-clover · GitHub
スーパーファミコンミニ用 RetroArch
yesterday by obey
Minetest, an open source infinite-world block sandbox game engine with support for survival and crafting.
open-source  game 
3 days ago by lenciel
Game of Thrones - Rome
Web ▶

Game of Thrones Opening (Version Roma)
Juego de Tronos Intro (Version Roma) Italiana

MALEC LOW BUDGET Castles Opening Credits China
Por Bondibot
Damian Bosio - 3D Generalist
Television  GOT  Game  of  Thrones  Roma  Italy 
3 days ago by dbourn
Bad News
Drop all pretense of ethics and choose the path that builds your persona as an unscrupulous media magnate. Your task is to get as many followers as you can while slowly building up fake credibility as a news site.
education  game  media  fake-news 
3 days ago by joasa

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