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[Video] GCHD Review - A must-own for GameCube owners?! 480i vs 480p Comparisons! | Gamers Xtreme - YouTube
"Today we look extensively through the GCHD device created by EON Gaming. This device promises to provide a 480p output with zero-lag controller inputs. We put this through tests showcasing a variety of GameCube titles in 480i vs 480p, as well as showing the Game Boy Player in 480p. Does this $150 device live up to its promises? Let's find out!"
video  games  nintendo  gamecube  hdmi 
20 days ago by ddribin
suloku/gcmm: A gamecube/wii memory card manager
"GameCube/Wii Memory Manager is an aplication to backup Nintendo GameCube savegames."
video  games  homebrew  nintendo  gamecube  wii 
4 weeks ago by ddribin
Would you like a free GCHD Mk. II? Like and retweet this for your chance to win!
Nintendo  Gamecube  retrogaming  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by node
"GCHD is a no-mods required HDMI converter that allows real Gamecube hardware to produce the highest native resolution possible on any HDTV while eliminating all input lag.

Simply plug GCHD into a compatible Gamecube console (Model DOL-001), attach an HDMI cable, and enjoy true 640x480p progressive scan."
video  games  nintendo  gamecube  mod  hdmi 
july 2018 by ddribin
Reverse engineering Animal Crossing’s developer mode |
Last summer I began reverse engineering Animal Crossing for the GameCube to explore the possibility of creating mods for the game. I also wanted to document the process to create tutorials for people interested in ROM hacking and reverse engineering. In this post I explore the developer debugging features that are still left in the game, and how I discovered a cheat combo that can be used to unlock them.
nintendo  gamecube  reverseengineering  mod 
june 2018 by david.parrott

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