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How To Make A Great Puzzle Game - The Puzzle Press
Advice on how to make a great puzzle game: The good, the bad and the structure to follow when designing your puzzle game levels.
gamedev  gamedesign  bestpractices  games  programming  puzzle  reference  tips 
16 hours ago by xer0x
4 GDC 2019 Talks Worth Your Time - The Thoughtful Gamer
I was pointed at Cole Wehrle's talk on kingmaking and found this reference both to it and some other talks worth watching.

There's some really good discussion and commentary on the kingmaking talk at
gamedesign  presentation  videos  listofresources 
10 days ago by mindways
Ludum Dare
Ludum Dare is an online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend. Check us out every April and October!
development  gamedesign  event  programming 
17 days ago by dicewitch

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