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Why make games when there are better non jobs out there that want your skills?

"You can fail at what you…
gamedev  from twitter_favs
yesterday by chrismdp
The Starfish Rig: Humanoid rig with 6 bones
Basically: bones all extend from pelvis, no complicated hand/wrist bones. The effect works better on low-poly but is still useful for high-rez (especially in crowds)
animation  gamedev  rigging  piperesearch  archive_it 
2 days ago by mechazoidal
RT : Google & Binomial Open Source GPU Texturing Technology -- Basis.

gamedev  indiedev  from twitter
2 days ago by kevinmarks
Putting the Soul in Console
Nice take on Panic's Playdate by Anil Dash.
gamedesign  2019  gamedev 
2 days ago by axodys

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