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Unity WebGL Custom Progress Bar - Alex Ocias Blog
When making a browser-based game, you’re asking players to be generous with their time and wait patiently while your content downloads. This means how you indicate download progress in your preloader is super important. A Unity webGL custom progress bar is essential.
gamedev  unity  webgl  loading_bar 
2 hours ago by jakobb
Check out this thing I made to help with building GLSL vertex and fragment shaders
opengl  gamedev  webgl  from twitter_favs
yesterday by oliver.turner
The blog at the bottom of the sea « Programming, Graphics, Gamedev, Exotic Computation, Audio Synthesis
"Programming, Graphics, Gamedev, Exotic Computation, Audio Synthesis"
PR: check out Skeletal Animation
algorithms  programming  gamedev  piperesearch  demoscene 
3 days ago by mechazoidal
Knights of the Crystallion | The Obscuritory
"Knights of the Crystallion is almost like a thought experiment. What does an anthropology game look like? It may not be pleasant or approachable. If Williams had more time and resources, as he lamented, maybe it could have been. But it needs to be experienced just for the audacity of what it attempted."
anthropology  game  gamedev  games 
3 days ago by Nachimir

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