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Competitive Self-Play
cool: "We've found that self-play allows simulated AIs to discover physical skills like tackling, ducking, faking, kicking, catching, and diving for the ball, without explicitly designing an environment with these skills in mind. Self-play ensures that the environment is always the right difficulty for an AI to improve. Taken alongside our Dota 2 self-play results, we have increasing confidence that self-play will be a core part of powerful AI systems in the future."
ai  games  design 
yesterday by teffalump
Fuck Complete – Mary Hamilton – Medium
"There’s an entire industry built around it — gamification is almost always nothing more than taking the way games make us feel rewarded and applying it to things that shouldn’t ever be rewarding because they are shit things to do. So fuck bad gamification, and fuck the gamification of games. You don’t need badges to tell you how to enjoy your time or consume your media."
games  gamedesign  gamification 
yesterday by mildlydiverting
Location-Based VR Horror Experiences With DarkCorner - VRScout
That’s exactly what the folks over at Dark Corner are attempting with a slew of pants-wetting 360° videos supported by some captivating physical add-ons. In support of their brand new Dark Corner VR app, the horror studio is teaming up with venues to bring their gut-wrenching new content to life with experiences that begin well before the headset goes on. I recently had a chance to visit one of the largest VR arcades in the United States, VRWorld, to check out the bloody spectacle myself. Needless to say there was a lot of screaming, a lot of swearing and a whole bunch of regret.
vr  gaming  GAMES  trends  future 
yesterday by dancall

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