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Revised and much faster, run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2!
"I’ve written about using EC2 as a gaming rig in the past. After spending some time and getting all sorts of feedback from many people, I’m re-writing the article from before, except with all the latest and greatest optimizations to really make things better."
aws  cloud  gaming 
yesterday by sometimesfood
fixing the CD key issue in Empire Earth 1, on GOG
> Open WONLobby.cfg with Notepad

> Find the line that says "CDKeyCheck: true"

> Change it to "CDKeyCheck: false"
gaming  DRM  GOG 
2 days ago by MaxBarraclough
Hacks.Guide - Hacks Guide
Complete guides to homebrew and custom firmware for various devices.
#howto  Gaming 
3 days ago by mrdcbrush

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