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Blockchains should have ‘privacy by design’ for GDPR compliance
General data protection regulation (GDPR) and blockchain is one of the industry’s most contentious debates at the moment. Some believe that public permissionless blockchains cannot be GDPR compliant, and that private blockchains might be the answer to blockchain’s regulatory woes. Even so, private blockchains bring into question the very meaning of what a blockchain is. There is no simple answer.
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4 hours ago by motiveunknown
This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent
Because if your service or app relies on obtaining consent to process EU users’ personal data — as many free at the point-of-use, ad-supported apps do — then the GDPR states consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. That means you can’t bundle multiple uses for personal data under a single opt-in. Nor can you obfuscate consent behind opaque wording that doesn’t actually specify the thing you’re going to do with the data. You also have to offer users the choice not to consent. So you cannot pre-tick all the consent boxes that you really wish your users would freely choose — because you have to actually let them do that. It’s not rocket science but the pushback from certain quarters of the adtech industry has been as awfully predictable as it’s horribly frustrating.
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4 hours ago by motiveunknown
GDPR Subject Access Request helper for Dublin Bus vs bike incidents
'A new tool has been created to assist people who want to request video footage of incidents involving Dublin Bus under GDPR rules.'
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yesterday by jm
A commercial product for helping websites comply with the GDPR
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yesterday by nelson
RT : First Hospital GDPR Violation Penalty Issued: Portuguese Hospital to Pay €400,000 Fine
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yesterday by loughlin
RT : . is investigating potential breaches of the by following a complaint by a…
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yesterday by loughlin
Hey ! Have you heard of a thing called “data protection”? Or ? Your pharmacies handle specially protec…
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2 days ago by jonhew
Ireland's Data Protection Commission publishes information on the use of Dash Cams
Where both video and/or audio of individuals in a vehicle (typically a taxi or bus) is recorded, or where video of a road user captured by an outward-facing Dash Cam is recorded, data protection implications may arise and it is important that drivers who install Dash Cams understand their obligations under data protection legislation.
Ireland  DPC  dashcams  dataprotection  transport  video  GDPR  guidance 
3 days ago by corrickwales
E-receipts from leading retailers 'may break data protection rules'
Some big high street names include unwanted marketing information, Which? says
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3 days ago by terry

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