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The benefits of coding in the open - Government Digital Service
GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government.
gds  open-source  public-sector 
5 days ago by brunns
Government as a Platform: How New Foundations Can Support Natively Digital Public Services - YouTube
Talk at Code For America just after leaving GDS. He calls out Richard Pope and then shows the prototype for the radically different gov services. It's all the forward-thinking stuff he did at the end that we've not really even touched on yet.
dwp  gds  work  talks  loosemore 
17 days ago by ghijklmno
How we do research analysis in agile - User research in government
During the research session

Write an observation on a sticky note whenever a participant says or does something interesting or relevant.
Make 1 note per observation.
Give each participant a name or code so you can easily mark each of their notes. This will allow you to track who said what. We most often use a simple code like 'P1' for 'participant 1'.
Write exactly what you hear or see, not what you think it means. It's important to capture raw data (rather than your own interpretation of it) so that you don't unwittingly bias your findings.
Use one colour of sticky note for all observation notes. This is useful when you come to affinity sorting.
gds  agile  research  ux  userresearch  stickies  post-it 
17 days ago by garcon
Anatomy of a good sticky note - User research in government
Capture verbatim quotes or direct observations.
One data point per sticky note.
Code sticky notes with a participant ID.
Use colour thoughtfully.
Thick pens.
Encourage observers to write in capital letters.
Decent quality sticky notes.
gds  research  userresearch  stickies  post-it  log  analysis 
17 days ago by garcon
The coming storm
There’s still a lot of paper-driven-process to digitize. Also: some scandal on UK digital government stuff.
scandal  uk  gds  culture  digitaltransformation 
4 weeks ago by cote

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