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Music Family Tree? Help a high school teacher! : musictheory
Hi folks. I'm new to this sub, but I'm a high school teacher looking for a music family tree, and thought you might be able to help. I'd like students to be able to place their favorite musical artist on a musical family tree, to show them the roots of their favorite music. We're studying the Harlem Renaissance and will eventually have a project where they analyze how that cultural movement influenced today's culture, so I need the tree to at least include things like jazz, blues, early rock, etc. The tree I used last year seems to have disappeared from the site I used. Any help you can provide would be awesome!
music  family  tree  genealogy  rock  history  jazz  blues 
7 days ago by fjordaan
DNA and Adoption
Wiki page on DNA and Adoption in Worldwide.
genealogy  adoption 
7 days ago by GavinOB
Shared cM Project
Neat genetic genealogy tool; plug in your DNA match with someone and it shows you likely relationships. ie: 2% match means maybe a Half Great Uncle
genealogy  genetics  ancestry  dna  family  tootme 
8 days ago by nelson
scopeArchiv - Archive plan search
Online inventory of the holdings of the State Archives of Canton Bern
switzerland  archive  genealogy  bern  anabaptists  mennonites 
10 days ago by maltodextrin
National Archives of Ireland
genealogy  ireland 
18 days ago by GavinOB
Townland Search & Explorer
Index and database of Irish Townlands, based on 1851 census data.
genealogy  ireland 
18 days ago by GavinOB | Home
Rootsmagic Users Forum
For the discussion and sharing of information regarding the RootsMagic genealogy software program from RootsMagic Inc. Users helping users. Carrying on from the RootsWeb ROOTSMAGIC-USERS Mailing List, deactivated March 2, 2020. More than a mailing list with support for images and files and this website interface. User "owned" and moderated.
18 days ago by wardell
Irish Genealogy Research Guide
An Irish genealogy treasure trove! This guide will help you through any Irish genealogy stumbling block.
genealogy  ireland 
18 days ago by GavinOB
A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, by Samuel Lewis, 1837
Complete text of the original 1837 edition of Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
genealogy  ireland 
19 days ago by GavinOB

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