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Generativity – Jessitron
If we look at productivity as a property of individuals, if we measure and reward “how many tickets did you personally close?” then we give people reasons to work alone, to rush, to keep information to themselves. This cuts away at the potential of the team.

If we care about the team as a whole, both now and in the future, then we encourage generativity. Teach each other, communicate, craft software so that people can understand and work with it.

Generativity is hard to measure, but not so hard to detect. Ask, who helped you today? Who answered your questions and taught you something useful? What scripts or documentation or comments or variable naming made your work smoother?
management  work  productivity  generativity 
9 weeks ago by ianmclaury
St. Michael's House
Ensuring education despite Down's syndrome
generativity  ireland  education 
september 2018 by tomasdore
The Craft of Cooking : Longreads
Why has cooking come to take on this role as opposed to any other art?

Because what other way do people do art? Very few people play music, very few people do art, sculpture, painting. Very few people write poetry; people don’t keep journals like they used to.

You go back not too long ago, but after dinner—even in the south end of Boston, where I lived for years, the old houses had places for small pianos, uprights. There was a music room. And after dinner, people would play music. Someone in the family could sing, and someone else could play piano. You would perform. And there were kitchen dances in Vermont. People would bring a fiddle and something and play. There were lots of opportunities for the arts, crude though they may have been. But how can you do something creative today, really? The kitchen is the last place you can be really creative in the house, I think. Maybe gardening a little bit, but mostly cooking.
generativity  Lifehacks  cooking  art 
november 2016 by tomasdore
Immortality Begins at Forty
A very general life-stage map across civilizations and eras looks like this:

0 to α: Achieve launch velocity
α to 40: Play culture!
40 to Ω: Ah crap, I have to make shit up for others now?
Ω to ∅: Let them eat cake
culture  generativity  self-management 
may 2016 by tomasdore
The Real Blog: Explaining yet another heart of darkness
mild abuse is sanctioned, and - human beings being what they are - a contemptuous, genocidal heart of darkness is the result.
via:ifttt  history  ireland  from:delicious  politics  religion  generativity  biography 
march 2016 by tomasdore
Suicide kills as many as the Troubles-Investigations & Analysis - Northern Ireland from The Detail less time. "Or to put it another way, deaths from suicide were almost double the number of people (1,825) who died in road traffic collisions during the same 15 year period."
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october 2015 by tomasdore

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