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Functional Programming with PHP Generators – iFixit Engineering – Medium
Generators are cool. They make it easy to write iterators by defining a function instead of building an entire class that implements Iterator. They also make it easy to write lazy lists and infinite…
php  functional  programming  generator  intro 
3 hours ago by gilberto5757
Clippy — CSS clip-path maker
Great tool to help create clip-paths for CSS.
css  clip-path  design  svg  tools  generator 
18 hours ago by spaceninja
CSS Gradient
Ещё один инструмент для создания приятных градиентов и выгрузки их кода в CSS.
design  color  online  generator  tools 
21 hours ago by jvetrau
Keygen - a dead-simple software licensing API built for developers
Keygen is a cloud-based LaaS (licensing as a service) that provides secure license and user management for desktop apps and other types of software. Keygen's primary product is a set of APIs that enable developers to quickly set up licensing, user management, and product distribution.
license  generator  api 
21 hours ago by codeyard
Create dashboards using YAML/JSON files
dashboard  graph  chart  visualization  generator  yaml  json 
yesterday by segfault

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