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changkun/go2generics: A chunk of experiments and demos about Go 2 generics design
A chunk of experiments and demos about Go 2 generics design - changkun/go2generics
golang  generics 
19 days ago by geetarista
Generics in Go with Ian Lance Taylor (Go Time #98) |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog
Mat, Johnny, Jon, and special guest Ian Lance Taylor discuss generics in Go. What are generics and why are they useful? Why aren’t interfaces enough? How will the standard library change if generics are added to Go? How has the community contributed to generics? If generics are added, how will this negatively affect t...
golang  generics 
7 weeks ago by geetarista
How Swift Achieved Dynamic Linking Where Rust Couldn't
For those who don't follow Swift's development, ABI stability has been one of its most ambitious projects and possibly it's defining feature, and it finally shipped in Swift 5. The result is something I find endlessly fascinating, because I think Swift has pushed the notion of ABI stability farther than any language without much compromise.

So I decided to write up a bunch of the interesting high-level details of Swift's ABI. This is not a complete reference for Swift's ABI, but rather an abstract look at its implementation strategy. If you really want to know exactly how it allocates registers or mangles names, look somewhere else.

Also for context on why I'm writing this, I'm just naturally inclined to compare the design of Swift to Rust, because those are the two languages I have helped develop. Also some folks like to complain that Rust doesn't bother with ABI stability, and I think looking at how Swift does helps elucidate why that is.
rust-lang  swiftlang  abi  api  memorymanagement  generics  referencecounting 
november 2019 by cdzombak

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