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'It’s a place where they try to destroy you': why concentration camps are still with us | World news | The Guardian
The long read: Mass internment camps did not begin or end with the Nazis – today they are everywhere from China to Europe to the US. How can we stop their spread?
history  genocide  book  human.rights 
4 days ago by zesteur
Der Jahrhundertzeuge | Jüdische Allgemeine
Ferencz ist heute der letzte überlebende Chefankläger der Nürnberger Prozesse, von 1947 bis 1948 leitete er die sogenannten »Einsatzgruppen-Prozesse« gegen 24 SS-Führer wegen tausendfacher Morde in der Sowjetunion. Am 11. März begeht der amerikanische Jurist seinen 100. Geburtstag.
nuernberger_prozesse  holocaust  genocide  ben_ferencz 
26 days ago by matthiasdaues
Auschwitz Memorial Criticizes Amazon for ‘Hunters’ and Sale of Nazi Propaganda - The New York Times
The Auschwitz Memorial said the TV show’s human chess scene at a Nazi concentration camp was a dangerous caricature that welcomed “future deniers.”
nytimes  amazon  auschwitz  auschwitzmemorial  simonwiesenthalcenter  holocaust  shoah  genocide  antisemitism  nazi  book  show  series 
6 weeks ago by ceargaest
A pipeline offers a stark reminder of Canada’s ongoing colonialism
As Coastal GasLink employees cleared the camp to make way for a natural gas pipeline, they sawed in half a wooden gate with one word painted on it: “reconciliation.”

That word has been used by the Canadian government to describe their supposed desire to make things right with the indigenous people after centuries of ongoing genocide. But “reconciliation” is not an official policy but rather a political buzzword repurposed to signal moral progress on indigenous issues.

However, right now it is very hard to argue that Canada’s treatment of indigenous people actually has progressed.
by:AliciaElliott  from:TheWashingtonPost  geo:Canada  geo:Wet'suwet'en  genocide  oil  colonialism 
7 weeks ago by owenblacker
California’s Little-Known Genocide - HISTORY
An estimated 100,000 Native Americans died during the first two years of the Gold Rush alone; by 1873, only 30,000 indigenous people remained of around 150,000. According to Madley, the state spent a total of about $1.7 million—a staggering sum in its day—to murder up to 16,000 people.
California  Native_American  genocide  Indigenous  history 
9 weeks ago by Quercki
Why I Took My Daughter to Auschwitz - Condé Nast Traveler
A modern-day exhibit held a vertical book, thousands of pages long, inscribed with the names of all of the dead. I looked up my own last name: There were 11 pages, in tiny type, rows upon rows upon rows of Orensteins, Ornsteins, Ohrensteins, Orenshteins. I wondered if any were my cousins. I wondered how old they were, what their lives were like, whether they’d had children, whether those children were dead too. I thought about the generations lost, the descendants unborn, and felt my knees buckle.
genocide  history  judaism 
10 weeks ago by cmananian
unroll so we may all learn about the truth of so many countries that perpetrate
Genocide  from twitter
10 weeks ago by Varna

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