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Rückzugsorte abseits von Berliner Straßen
"Map of areas in Berlin which are the furthest away from a street."
maps  visualization  geo/de/berlin 
11 days ago by kasei
Welcoming 2010 - The Big Picture -
BIg picture's 2010 new year coverage of two "Berlin Seals" taking a dip in icy waters n new year's day.
2010  photo  geo/de/berlin 
january 2010 by kasei
It's hard out there for a virgin... |
Strange. "A brothel has become the first in Berlin to offer special deals for virgins with prostitutes trained in the delicate art of catering for customers who have never had sex."
sex  geo/de/berlin 
may 2006 by kasei - Cities Guide: Radisson SAS Berlin
"Bang in the centre of the lobby, the aquarium is 25m high, filled with 1m litres of saltwater and 2,500 tropical fish. The view from the lobby is stunning, but perhaps the best vantage is available in a transparent elevator shaft in the centre of the aqu
geo/de/berlin  travel 
march 2005 by kasei
"A collaborative soundwork in the city of Berlin from 4-8 of February 2005. During four days, sound artists, amateur sound hunters, phonographers, among other interested participants, will collaborate on gathering sounds from different places within the c
geo/de/berlin  music 
february 2005 by kasei

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