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« earlier | Tipps für Karriere, Job & Bewerbung ist eines der größten Job- und Bewerbungsportale mit rund 4 Mio. Lesern im Monat. Unsere Mission ist, Ihnen nicht nur ALLE, sondern auch DIE BESTEN Tipps zu liefern. Dazu geben wir Ihnen ein stetig wachsendes Kompendium an die Hand – unterhaltsam wie hilfreich.
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working title studios | sustainable luxury fashion
About taken from German Sustain Concept*:

"After working together successfully for many years, fashion designer Antonia Goy and architect Bjoern Kubeja launched their own fashion label in 2018. Here, exquisite tailoring meets timeless elegance and sustainable, enduring design. Working Title uses only the finest natural materials such as mulesing-free wool, cashmere, organic silk, organic cotton and Tencel from certified European manufacturers and rejects man-made fibres in order to minimise harmful residues through wear and disposal. The collections are manufactured in Germany, Italy and Poland."

* German Sustain Concept is a programme initiated by the Fashion Council Germany under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) with partners Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation of Messe Frankfurt, Bikini Berlin and

Based in Berlin

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Home | Handbook Germany
How to manage in different everyday life situations in Germany
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More refugees find jobs in Germany, integration going 'pretty well' | Reuters
More refugees find jobs in Germany, integration going 'pretty well'
A growing number of migrants are finding jobs in Germany, according to data released on Tuesday that will give heart to supporters of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to let in hundreds of thousands of war refugees since 2015.
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Integrating Refugees in Germany: An Update - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Germany's Ongoing Project to Welcome Its Refugees.A large share of the refugees who have arrived in Germany are young men -- and they don't always match the profiles residents of many shared apartments have in mind when looking for roommates.
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Angela Merkel: No longer the 'refugee chancellor' - CNN
It's extremely hard to immigrate to Germany. It's even harder if you're a refugee."
Philipp Pruy, immigration lawyer.
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International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
International Vegetarian Union founded in 1908 which became a global network of independent organisations which are promoting veg'ism (vegetarian & vegan) worldwide.

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