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StanfordSNR/gg: The Stanford Builder
serverless make with lots of parallelism
gg  build  make 
18 days ago by vielmetti
Maybe Women Won’t Date You Because You’re Awful
@morninggloria: "Heterosexual women might be turned off by a man’s politics, by their philosophy, by their musical taste, by their affinity for talking about gadgets, the most boring thing in the world to talk about. But if the man in question is a nice enough person, if he takes care of himself and treats others with genuine respect, somebody will probably date him. The world is full of lonely people who will let things slide in the name of companionship.

If nobody likes you, the problem is you."
2017  us  culture  gg 
11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
No Joke — Real Life
"It would suit liberal and conservative disavowals of antifa tactics if irony poisoning were really the problem at hand. Condemning irony is the same as insisting that sunlight is the best disinfectant for fascism. As Vicky Osterweil noted in this publication, “feckless liberals abdicate power in the hopes that it will somehow ‘reveal’ the true nature of fascism — think of Democrats relying on Trump to finally demonstrate his unfitness to rule rather than organizing an actual opposition — fascism consolidates representations of that unfitness as opportunities to demonstrate loyalty and belonging.” Behind the so-called irony of Pepe and Kek, there is no pure discursive sphere to be revealed, where fascism and race hate have no place to hide. I suppose there’s some irony — a tired, well worn irony — in the media suggesting that the problem with racist fascism under Trump is that it’s all too obscure."
gg  psychology  fascism  2018  internet 
october 2018 by mechazoidal
Chelsea Cain Returns: ‘Yeah, I’m Dead to Marvel. Trust Me.’
"“I have so many friends who work in comics who this kind of stuff happens to in one form or another, not uncommonly, and nobody can speak up,” she says. “They’re always told what messages they can share and the things that they’re supposed to lie about. And you have to do it because otherwise, you won’t have the next job. And it’s not just Marvel Comics, it’s a freelancer economy, in a way I think that most people do not understand.” Mainstream comic books, she points out, are largely written, drawn, inked, and colored by people “without health insurance.” The culture that creates “is really just toxic.”"
comics  gg  feminism  freelancing  2018 
september 2018 by mechazoidal
No, I Will Not Debate You
@PennyRed: "I’ve come to think of this as the deference trap. It’s a huge part of why I refuse to formally debate fascists. It is staggeringly clear that formal debate is failing to stop white supremacy. This is not an abstract philosophical issue. White supremacy is here, at the heart of world governments. The discussion about whether free speech can stop fascism is not actually about free speech; it’s a proxy for a rolling identity crisis among the political mainstream. About whether the mechanisms of state power can withstand fascist takeover. About whether good people with good ideas can stop bad people with worse ones.

Which, right now, they cannot."
politics  debate  2018  gg 
september 2018 by mechazoidal
The Darkness Before the Right - The Awl
"It’s entirely possible that reaction[NRx] never does become a popular movement — a new economic boom, for one, would do a lot to soothe the disaffection on which it feeds — yet if it were to grow, the proposed alliance of convenience between the tech elite and an intransigent white identity politics begins to look a lot like the Nazi coalition of German industrialists and a downwardly-mobile middle class. That doesn’t mean it’s “fascism,” a term both so broad and so particular as to be all but meaningless these days, per se. But in the twenty-first century, it may be that the Dark Enlightenment is what we get instead."
politics  culture  philosophy  gg  2015 
february 2018 by mechazoidal
A New Reality? The Far Right's Use of Cyberharassment against Academics | AAUP
"Academia has been too timid in countering such movements. We should not have to speak in hushed tones when we condemn hate groups. We should not have to be apprehensive when we promote democratic ideals and equality.

It is essential, particularly over the next three years, that we confront the animosity and bigotry of soci­ety’s underbelly. Those in academia present an easy target—we are in public positions, open to scrutiny, and loathed by many."
gg  2018  academia  analysis 
january 2018 by mechazoidal
16-194 | Virginia Tax
Sales tax for caterers.
january 2018 by ilias
The Blind All-Seeing Eye of Gamergate | Eruditorum Press
"By any reasonable interpretation, that most basic of human cognitive functions is literally the single biggest thing they are opposed to. They are insatiable because there is nothing they want. Nothing save for for nothing; as far as the eye can see. And so their blind eye twitches helplessly around, staring endlessly at the random shapes and colors that dance upon its cataracted lens and believing that they can see it all. Howling apophenically into the void to try to get everyone else to see it too - the vast conspiracy that’s all around them. Finding victim after victim to abuse in the name of this gruesome folly. Measuring their circle. Starting anywhere."
gg  essay 
december 2017 by mechazoidal

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