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A Guide to GHC's Extensions - Jannis' Word Discounter
he latest official version of the Haskell standard was published in 2010. Since then, GHC, the most popular Haskell compiler, has grown almost 100 extensions which modify the language, sometimes quite drastically. Many of them have proven popular, to the point where it’s rare to find a library on Hackage that doesn’t use any extensions.

This is a problem for students of Haskell since most teaching materials only cover the base standard, leaving learners to fend for themselves in the extension jungle. This guide aims to make the journey a little easier. To that end, I sort GHC’s extensions into four tracks:

The basic track contains extensions that are generally simple and either commonly used or particularly useful for Haskell beginners. I also consider most of these extensions future-proof, in the sense that a future Haskell standard would probably include them without major changes.
The advanced track contains extensions that are useful, but either more complex or less popular than the ones in the basic track. This includes a bunch of ‘special interest’ extensions that are only relevant if you want to do particular things with Haskell.
The questionable track contains extensions that you probably shouldn’t use – either because they are actively unhelpful (badly designed or deprecated), or because they%2
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4 days ago by dicewitch
In the recent development priorities survey, many of you commented that there was a lack of newcomer-friendly…
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18 days ago by skchrko
Exploring Nix & Haskell Part 1: Project Setup – Christian Henry
I’ve been working a lot with Nix and Haskell lately, and I thought now would be
a good time to pause and write about it before I either forget what I’ve learned
or forget why I found it difficult in the first place.

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9 weeks ago by ianweatherhogg
Timeline – GHC
Daily reminder to check out the bug tracker

There is something there for everyone
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11 weeks ago by tjweir
Added an HList implementation (with a few functions and plenty of type-level trickery) to my learning…
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august 2018 by tjweir
An opinionated guide to Haskell in 2018
* Build tools and how to use them
* Suggested GHC extensions
* Libraries: a field guide (effects, lenses, strings)
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july 2018 by slowbyte

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