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The Story of GIF (2103) – Everybody At Once – Medium
This is a talk I gave at The Conference in Malmö, Sweden in August of 2013 explaining the evolution of GIF from file format to cultural phenomenon.

And I told it as if it were a fairy tale.

And I told it through animated gifs.
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2 days ago by cogdog
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doing housework after a few drinks
2 days ago by dhotson
The GIF Pronunciation Page
The GIF graphics file format was invented by Steve Wilhite at CompuServe in 1987. In the years since, a debate has been raging as to the correct way to pronounce "GIF": like "jif" as in the peanut butter, or with a hard 'g' as in "gift" as a majority of Mac users seem to prefer. With this page I intend to clear this up once and for all...
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3 days ago by cogdog

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