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Giorgio Agamben on Hannah Arendt's "We Refugees" | Roundtable: Research Architecture
It is only in a land where the spaces of states will have been perforated and topologically deformed, and the citizen will have learned to acknowledge the refugee that he himself is, that man's political survival today is imaginable.
philosophy  politics  giorgioagamben  hannaharendt  biopolitics 
april 2011 by srvaroa
Agamben on the metropolis
I think that a confrontation with metropolitan dispositifs will only be possible when we penetrate the processes of subjectivation that the metropolis entails in a more articulated way, deeper. Because I think that the outcome of conflicts depends on this: on the power to act and intervene on processes of subjectivation, in order to reach that stage that I would call a point of ungovernability. The ungovernable where power can shipwreck in its figure of government, the ungovernable that I think is always the beginning and the line of flight of all politics.
giorgioagamben  philosophy  politics 
november 2010 by srvaroa

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