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Orfeo ToolBox – Orfeo ToolBox is not a black box
Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an open-source project for state-of-the-art remote sensing. Built on the shoulders of the open-source geospatial community, it can process high resolution optical, multispectral and radar images at the terabyte scale. A wide variety of applications are available: from ortho-rectification or pansharpening, all the way to classification, SAR processing, and much more!

All of OTB’s algorithms are accessible from Monteverdi, QGIS, Python, the command line or C++. Monteverdi is an easy to use visualization tool with an emphasis on hardware accelerated rendering for high resolution imagery (optical and SAR). With it, end-users can visualize huge raw imagery products and access all of the applications in the toolbox. From resource limited laptops to high performance MPI clusters, OTB is available on Linux, macOS and Windows. It is community driven, extensible and heavily documented. Orfeo ToolBox is not a black box!
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21 hours ago by euler
ZOO-Project | Open WPS platform

This is an introduction to the ZOO-Project open source software documentation.

What is ZOO-Project ?

ZOO-Project is a WPS (Web Processing Service) implementation written in C, Python and JavaScript. It is an open source platform which implements the WPS 1.0.0 and WPS 2.0.0 standards edited by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

ZOO-Project provides a developer-friendly framework for creating and chaining WPS compliant Web Services. Its main goal is to provide generic and standard-compliant methods for using existing open source librairies and algorithms as WPS. It also offers efficient tools for creating new innovative web services and applications.

ZOO-Project is able to process geospatial or non geospatial data online. Its core processing engine (aka ZOO-Kernel) lets you execute a number of existing ZOO-Services based on reliable software and libraries. It also gives you the ability to create your own WPS Services from new or existing source code, which can be written in seven different programming languages. That lets you compose or turn code as WPS Services simply, with straightforward configuration and standard coding methods.
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21 hours ago by euler
Want to know more about & ? Check out: Agent-Based Modelling and Geographical Information Systems: A Pra…
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23 hours ago by ljegou
Georepublic - A Geolocation Technology Company
Georepublic - A Geolocation Technology Company
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yesterday by riemino
Below the Neon: Reno's Bare Earth
This story map was created with the Story Map Cascade application in ArcGIS Online.
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3 days ago by cothrun
More tools for in . Now it's possible to download and clean spatial data from the World Database of Protecte…
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4 days ago by ebuchholtz

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