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Sublime Merge - Git, done Sublime
Meet a new Git client, from the makers of Sublime Text. A snappy UI, three-way merge tool, side-by-side diffs, syntax highlighting, and more.
Git  tools  comparison  commercial  cross-platform  desktop 
2 hours ago by liqweed
gitkube | Gitkube: Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push.
Gitkube: Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push.
git  ci  cd  tools 
yesterday by gvod
Git & GitHub - YouTube
- Introduction (1/11)
- Creating a Repository (2/11)
- Installing Git (3/11)
- Cloning (4/11)
- Settings (5/11)
- Committing and Pushing (6/11)
- Pulling changes (7/11)
- Branching (8/11)
- Gitignore File (9/11)
- Pull requests (10/11)
- Readme File (11/11)
git  github  youtube  video  tutorial 
yesterday by bikesandbooks
Unpacking Git packfiles
While working on Gitgo, an implementation of Git in pure Go, I encountered a puzzling issue. Gitgo tests its own dogfood, which means the tests for parsing objects use the git repository for Gitgo itself. This worked fine for a few days, until my pairing partner wanted to work on his computer instead of mine. I pushed the code to a remote repository so he could check it out, and we immediately noticed that all of the tests suddenly started failing on both of our computers, complaining that the commit objects did not exist. Sure enough, the commits were missing from .git/objects/. And yet, we were both still able to check out the supposedly missing commits on our machines using Git. What was going wrong?

The commit objects were there, but they were stored in a different location, as packfiles.
by:AdityaMukerjee  git  reference  to-read 
yesterday by owenblacker
Understanding Git Filter-branch and the Git Storage Model
The other day Steve wanted git alchemy done on the Rust repo.

Specifically, he wanted the reference and nomicon moved out into their own repositories, preserving history. Both situations had some interesting quirks, the reference has lived in src/doc/reference/* and src/doc/, and the nomicon has lived in src/doc/nomicon, src/doc/tarpl, and at the top level in a separate git root.

As you can guess from the title of this post, the correct tool for this job is git filter-branch. My colleague Greg calls it “the swiss-army knife of Git history rewriting”.

I had some fun with filter-branch that day, thought I’d finally write an accessible tutorial for it. A lot of folks treat filter-branch like rebase, but it isn’t, and this crucial difference can lead to many false starts. It certainly did for me back when I first learned it.
by:ManishGoregaokar  git  reference  to-read 
yesterday by owenblacker
Code formatting: scalafmt and the git pre-commit hook
I just published “Code formatting: scalafmt and the git pre-commit hook”
git  scalafmt  scala  from twitter_favs
yesterday by skchrko

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