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Are your résumé projects stopping you getting an interview?
Common problems with projects on engineers’ résumés
Unfortunately, a lot of applications I receive end up rejected after looking through the projects attached to them.

When reviewing an application I’ve a few questions in my mind: “Is this person smart?”, “Does this person get things done?” and “Is this person interested in what we’re doing?”.

All too often, projects are so broken/low quality that they portray the applicant as someone who does not care enough about doing good work and could not be relied upon as a team member.

Here’s a list of the common problems I see:
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31 minutes ago by cnk
GitHub - juruen/rmapi: ReMarkable Cloud Go API
fabianmu starred juruen/rmapi

fabianmu starred juruen/rmapi


ReMarkable Cloud Go API



Updated Feb 22
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7 hours ago by fabianmu
Shipping system fonts to
Last week July, received a slightly updated design featuring more modern fonts. Instead of showing decades old fonts that don’t take advantage of newer, high DPI screens, or dynamic font rendering, we now try to serve the best font possible based on your operating system or device. Awesome!
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7 hours ago by 0xroy
GitHub - zricethezav/gitleaks: Searches full repo history for secrets and keys 🔑
waako starred zricethezav/gitleaks Saved: February 22, 2018 at 04:45PM

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Searches full repo history for secrets and keys



3 issues need help

Updated Feb 22
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7 hours ago by waako

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