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(Saving...) The GitHub Blog
A game jam is a hackathon for creating video games. Although most game jams run for 24-72 hours, the Game Off runs for the entire month of November. You'll have 30 days to create a game inspired by or loosely based on a theme that we'll announce Wednesday, November 1, at 13:37 pm PDT.

As always, you're encouraged to use open source game engines, libraries, and tools, but you're free to use any technology you want. It's a perfect excuse to experiment with something new, too.

This year, the Game Off will take place on–an open marketplace for indie game developers and platform for running game jams among other things. Best of all, this year, you'll be the judging the entries.
development  github  blog 
14 hours ago by sherbondy
kennethreitz/autoenv: Directory-based environments.
Magic per-project shell environments. Very pretentious.
shell  github  repository 
16 hours ago by pkdahl
WickyNilliams/headroom.js: Give your pages some headroom. Hide your header until you need it
headroom.js - Give your pages some headroom. Hide your header until you need it
javascript  header  github  plugin  scroll 
17 hours ago by kwbr
Dependabot - Automated Dependency Updates
Creates pull requests to keep your Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP dependencies up-to-date.
service  automation  ruby  python  javascript  php  commercial  pull_requests  dependencies  packaging  github 
18 hours ago by keimlink

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