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SonarQube with GitLab-CI Setup-StepByStep: DotNetCore version
This article is for analyzing the quality of your codes with SonarQube, using GitLab-CI runner to check it every time you commit your codes on GitLab. There are few tutorials online for .NET Core, not much information, therefore, I would like to share how I successfully did this after studying over the resources I could find and struggling over a bunch of problems, to save your time:)
continuousintegration  programming  gitlab  sonarqube  coverage 
6 days ago by moritzwade
Official docker image for sonar scanner cli - Suggest new features / New features - SonarSource Community
I’ve read about some of the challenges surrounding an official SonarQube docker image; however, I think it would be extremely easy to create and maintain an official docker image for the sonar scanner cli that could be i…
sonarqube  docker-image  gitlab 
6 days ago by alabra
Code, test & deploy with GitLab. Everyone can contribute!
10 days ago by geetarista

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