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I Went Marie Kondo on My Twitter Follows to Spark Some Joy Into My Feed - Motherboard
“But with all the buzz about Marie Kondo lately—the organizing expert whose KonMari method of cleaning your life of things that don’t ‘spark joy’ recently became a Netflix series—I’ve been feeling a little exposed. Maybe it’s time I address my digital clutter, and perhaps doing so will spark some joy back into my Twitter feed.

“Tokimeki Unfollow, a Glitch app made by designer Julius Tarng, helped me do this. It confronted me with every person I follow and their latest tweets, one at a time, and asked me to consider whether they still bring me joy. If so, I can keep them. If not, it’s unfollow time. There’s also a third option for adding them to a list, if those choices feel too extreme.”
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15 days ago by handcoding

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