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▶︎ Echo System | Subjex - Bandcamp
Also found here:

All percussive weird noises as far as I can tell. No melodies to be found. Relatively chill, sometimes.
electronic  music  glitch  flow  starfinder 
2 days ago by whyfish
Hack the Planet: Tega Brain on Leaks, Glitches, and Preposterous Futures
While technology critics drag technological solutionism in five thousand words or 280 characters, artist and environmental engineer Tega Brain wields solutions against themselves, in the form of objects and installations.
additivism  art  glitch  stream 
2 days ago by therourke
▶︎ Map Legend | Cayos | Schematic Music Company
Calming downtempo clicks, chimes, and echoes with some quiet guitar and synth and drums. It's really nice. I need more noises like this.
electronic  music  ambient  soundscape  glitch  downtempo  starfinder  wishlist  flow  chill 
3 days ago by whyfish
▶︎ Triovision | 5am
This is fun. But it's dance/energy music, not coding music.
electronic  music  glitch  hiphop  groove 
4 days ago by whyfish
had a gr8 time up inna aka for my screening of #鬼鎮 (), the
Western  Milwaukee  Wisconsin  MKE  Ghosttown  Glitch  from twitter
4 days ago by jonCates
gettn rdy for tonites screening of my #鬼鎮 (), the , in…
Glitch  free  Western  film  Ghosttown  from twitter
5 days ago by jonCates

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