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How to enable Hot Corners in Ubuntu 18.04 | FOSS Linux
Hot corners can be set to each of all four corners of the screen to perform productive actions such as minimize all windows to show desktop, show apps grid, launch an application, or simply run a command too.
yesterday by stever
[SOLVED] Weird characters while pasting in terminal / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums
A: [...] For all having the issue as well and finding this topic through google:
something has enabled 'bracketed paste mode' on your terminal. gnome-terminal (and based on it terminator) does not handle it currently well, [...]
forumthread  arch  linux  terminal  gnome  xorg  x11  2014  issue  workaround  gui  configuration  example  tips 
3 days ago by ezequiel
non-recursive file search : gnome
gsettings range org.gnome.nautilus.preferences recursive-search
gnome  nautilus  design 
7 days ago by ssam

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