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Migrating a Domain to Amazon Route53
Amazon Route53 is a highly available and scalable DNS service. Route53 provides Domain Registrations and Transfers, DNS service to route traffic to the infrastructure (either within AWS or non-AWS), advanced routing policies like weighted and geo, and health check services that can be leveraged to perform traffic routing to different destination in the event of a failure. It provides more flexibility and seamless integration with AWS Services than any other DNS host can. One of the m...
aws  devops  godaddy  domain 
7 weeks ago by narven
Kubernetes Gated Deployments — GoDaddy Engineering Blog
Information from our engineering team about the technology and tools we use to create software which empowers small businesses around the world to build and market their digital identities.
godaddy  engineering  blog  deployments 
9 weeks ago by xer0x
Wie Sie Updates installieren und aktualisieren Ubuntu | GoDaddy-Hilfe DE
apt-Get ist die Befehlszeilenschnittstelle für das Paket Handhabung von Dienstprogramm. Es wurde eine Aktualisierungsoption, um sicherzustellen, dass die lokale Paket Index-Dateien synchron sind...
godaddy  ubuntu  vserver 
july 2019 by syrabo
How to rsync Directories with Godaddy Share Hosting |
This worked for me on 2019.0323 except that instead of "sudo apt-get install -y sshfs" mentioned here, i used "brew install sshfs"
rsync  godaddy  webdev 
march 2019 by frankfarm
Got my renewal invoice. Bi-yearly reminder that they are not cheap. 😉
dns  renewal  godaddy  from twitter
february 2019 by

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